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Name:Electric Delivery Bed XJ-20109-B


This product is intended to be used as birthing bed for women of child birthing age.The middle part is made of special aluminum alloy of high strength from GiantTaiwan,with piano stoving varnish;the main body is made of chrome-plated stainless steel.


24V linear actuator from Taiwan , reliable and low- noise.

Equipped with line controller and foot controller.

Equipped with drawer-style assistant table,locked automatically when raised up,and lowered gradually with hydraulic system.

Height of the bed , inclination angle of the bed , backrest and seat board can be adj usted by line controller or foot controller.

Trendelenburg position enables this product to be used in gynecological operations.

This product is equipped with 4-wheel braking and 1 -wheel steering, which are made in Germany. These 4 wheels can be set to brake, neutral or steer three different position according to different situations.

Seat board can be adj usted for different delivery positions.

Foot supports can be adj usted.

Patented height-adj ustable device enables this product to descend to 55cm high,easy for patients to get on or off.

ABS side rails, can be adj usted between the upright and lowered positions.

EVA calf supports, are produced by foam molding technology

Main Specifications and Technical Parameter::

Dimension: 1320(1900) mm × 650(800) mm

Size of Assistant Table: 500(700) mm × 500(600) mm

Height Adj ustable Range: 550mm ~ 830mm

Backrest Rise Range: 0° ~ 60°

Trendelenburg and Reverse Range: -1 2° ~ 1 2°

Seat Board Rise Range: 0° ~ 25°