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Name:Five-function Electric Sickbed XJ-99602


This product is intended to be used for ICU , emergency rescue, hemodialysis ,rehabilitation , nursing and therapy


24V linear actuator from Taiwan , reliable and low- noise.

This product is equipped with 4-wheel braking and 1 -wheel steering, which are made inGermany. These 4 wheels can be set to brake , neutral or steer three different position according to different situations.

Between panels ,soft connections are set to conform to the body curve.

Four ABS siderails, when raised , will be in place securely, after a " click" ; when lowered , can be gradually stored undered the bed surface.

FRP chassis, breakage-proof, can effectively absorb the counterforce after bumping.

Four disc-shaped roller bumpers at each corner of the bed prevent furnitures or walls from being broken after bumping.

Nursing controller, hung at the end of the bed , is set with functions like one- key adj usting, lock- out, LED light switch, angle display, etc.

42cm minimum height, 30cm height adj ustable range, easy for elderly patients to use.

Main Specifications and Technical Parameters:

Dimension: 2200mm × 900mm

Size of siderail: 700mm × 3 3 0mm

Height adjustable Range: 420mm ~ 720mm

Trendelenburg and reverse range: -1 2° ~ 1 2°

Backrest rise range: 0° ~ 80°

Foot section rise range: 0° ~ 50°